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Many adventurers ask themselves how they can find all those pets. They hatch from eggs that have been hidden everywhere in the game. Most of them can be found on quests though. It’s not just about the location but some pets can only be found at a certain time (day, night), on certain days of the week or during special events. We have collected some information for you.

There are 100 pets in the game that are divided into 5 elements and colors: water (blue), light (yellow), earth (green), shadow (pink) and fire (red) – with 20 pets each (14 common, 4 rare and 2 epic ones).

Find an egg and once it’s ready to hatch, feed and raise the pet. It can be upgraded up to level 100 and will support you in the game. Remember that every pet boosts an attribute. For example, all fire pets will increase your luck attribute.

Let your pets explore 5 new habitats. Clear a floor to increase your attributes. Completing the whole habitat will even unlock an epic pet! In addition, you can fight against other players’ pets in the new pet arena. You can use every pack/element only once a day, which limits battles to 5 a day. Defeat another player’s pack to gain honor and win food for the element you just defeated.

Here are some details about time (CEST) and seasons (northern hemisphere):

Day: 06:00 – 18:00, bright city screen;
Night: 18:00 – 06:00, dark city screen;

Spring: March 1st – May 31st
Summer: June 1st – August 31st
Fall: September 1st – November 30th
Winter: December 1st – February 28th/29th

Moreover, we have a list where you can find all pets and what requirements must be met.

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  1. Rido Fatesmiter 4 years ago | Reply
    I have an idea. Unlocked Pets to have popup tooltips, just like all other items and foods have. In the tooltip you can put the info where to find the pet (day/night, zone, condition, etc..)
  2. Bambam 4 years ago | Reply
    How am i suppouse to know how zones are named?
    • Tiriar 4 years ago | Reply
      The zone name is always mentioned in the quest description ;).
  3. Erubyr 4 years ago | Reply
    Thank you so much for this!
  4. Stam 4 years ago | Reply
    Please don't have the same time for pets and dungeons....
  5. valkt 4 years ago | Reply
    What about Jackobu(Pumpkin) Shadow pet? Is the witching hour(0:00-1:00) same for all times zones?
  6. valkt 4 years ago | Reply
    HEY! There is a mistake in the Rheynooh pet ( EARTH ). Here is mentioned that can be found in night and on is mentioned that can be found in Day.So what is the correct time ?
  7. abraxxas 4 years ago | Reply
    Pet "Untabis" (14th water pet). Isn't shown in the time and place said. I guess it's a day and not a night pet
  8. Mev 4 years ago | Reply
    Hello, What is the propability of finding pet. Is percentage date available?

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